About the film: When UNICEF requested the hygiene kit film, they wanted to show the entire process of how the buckets were prepared, packaged and distributed. Over 80,000 of these kits were given out to community members throughout Liberia to help fight against Ebola. When we first started making the film, Liberia had passed the 42 day mark with no new cases of Ebola. However, when the film was in the final editing stage, there were new cases of Ebola discovered in the country. We decided to add the most recent footage of people receiving buckets with text at the end to show UNICEF’s involvement. 

Having seen a previous GoPro video created by a staff member, UNICEF was keen on producing a quick paced video with unconventional  angles instead of a short documentary style video. Because of this, we tried to get as many angles with a Canon Mark 5D Mark III that could later be pieced together in post production. For the final shot, the GoPro came in handy as the family washed their hands with their new bucket. 


Client: UNICEF
Location: Liberia
Cinematography: Sarah Grile
Editing: Sarah Grile