When the first rounds of Ebola survivors were released from the Ebola treatment units in Liberia, they faced another battle upon returning home--stigma. Because Ebola was a new and mysterious disease, family members and friends didn't know how to respond to survivors. Many were shunned and rejected. Consequently, the few survivors started to hide their stories and told other versions of why they'd disappeared for a few weeks. A few brave souls, including Korto Soukollie, came forward publicly and shared their stories with their churches and communities to fight the stigma and pave the way for other survivors returning home. 

We produced this film for UNICEF to share Korto's story more broadly and to help combat stigma and encourage communities to embrace Ebola survivors as the heroes they truly are.

Client: UNICEF
Cinematographer / Producer: Morgana Wingard
Editor: Sarah Grile

Published on Oct 31, 201