Overview: More than half of Malawi’s population lives below the national poverty line, while 22% are ultra-poor and 10% are ultra-poor and labor constrained. This impacts on the growth and development of children, with 63% deprived of basic needs such as access to adequate nutrition, quality education, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities and health. In addition, one in six children is growing up with reduced parental care thus increasing their vulnerability.

Children’s Corners were set up to develop resilience in children that have lost care takers or are living in difficult circumstances and to protect the rights of children through child rights education. They also provide life skills and HIV education, entrepreneurship skills and link the most vulnerable children to protection and support services. Community Based Childcare Centers (CBCCs) were also established to provide children 3-5 years old a good breakfast as well as early learning and stimulation services. Children are provided a safe place where they don’t have to worry about the stresses of home and can heal emotionally. The children come have time to create, socialize, play, sing and dance in an uplifting atmosphere. 

Goal: Through UNICEF Malawi, the Swedish National Committee supports the training of Children’s Corner facilitators along with CBCC caregivers and provides learning and play materials such as balls, skipping ropes, games, puzzles and story books amongst others. Our objective was to create a short film to thank the Swedish National Committee for its generosity and to show how their funding has made a difference in the lives of the children. We had one of the beneficiary children narrate the film along with b-roll of other children enjoying themselves at the children’s corner in Malawi. 

Location: Malawi
Client: UNICEF